Allison Schloss

Photo of Allison Schloss

Vice President
Phone: 312.706.2405
Fax: 312.751.1730

Allison comes to Sudler with a vast wealth of leadership and management experience. A veteran of over 29 years with the Chicago Police Department, and 19 years with the United States Coast Guard, she has a lifetime of public service in her community, her city, and her nation. Always looking to enhance performance and capabilities of her units, she prepared proposals for new equipment and was successful in obtaining grant money and budget authority to equip her units. Her focus on developing a strong team, enabled her to obtain funding for enhanced training and certifications.  

As a member the United States Coast Guard she served in the Marine Safety field working in Pollution/Waterways Management and Investigations of commercial boating accidents. She deployed as a Port Security Specialist shortly after her enlistment in 2001 for Operation NOBLE EAGLE/ENDURING FREEDOM and as a Marine Science Technician in 2010 for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Through her years in public service, Allison has developed and honed her skills in leading teams, solving problems, and resource management. These are requisite traits which will serve her well with the Sudler team.  

Allison believes in giving back to her community. She has actively raised funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society for over twenty years and has volunteered with the Make a Wish Foundation. Allison also loves to travel and see the world. She has traveled throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Caribbean.