Dean Andrews

Photo of Dean Andrews

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dean Andrews serves as President and CEO of Sudler Property Management, bringing his wealth of experience to the firm since 2016.

With a diverse background spanning both corporate and public sectors, Dean has honed his skills at executive levels. Beginning his career, he crafted sales and marketing strategies for a Fortune 100 company before venturing into entrepreneurship. In Chicago, he established a successful business catering to luxury hotel services. Transitioning to the public arena, Dean assumed senior leadership roles, overseeing thousands of personnel and managing billion-dollar budgets. His responsibilities included implementing performance metrics and risk management protocols.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Dean has actively engaged in property management, serving as Board President for his high-rise condominium association. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into client perspectives, guiding strategic plans for building enhancements.

Dean's academic achievements reflect his commitment to excellence. Within three years, he earned Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Political Science from Southern Methodist University, followed by coursework towards a Master's in Public Policy from Northwestern University, where he maintained a perfect GPA.

Beyond his career and studies, Dean is a passionate advocate for cultural understanding and exploration. He has traversed Europe and North America extensively and is currently interested in adventurous journeys across South America.